Leg Ulcers

【Pressure Injury & Gangreneous Toe of a 100-year-old Patient】

August 12,2020

A 100-year-old female, who was bed bound with vascular insufficiency and on Nasogastric tube feeding, had a pressure injury developed over the medial side of her left foot with metatarsal bone exposed. She was admitted into hospital for treatment of aspiration. Bruises noted over big toe and metatarsal area. Two months later, entire big toe became gangreneous. Wound swab result demonstrated the presence of MRSA.

Big toe dropped off. Wound improved but the exposed bone hindered the process of wound closure. Sterile-strip was used to draw edges of the wound together. At 6th and a half month, fragments of broken bone trapped inside the wound base was found and removed. Advanced dressings coupled with Bioptron Light Therapy were applied which brought about a significant improvement to wound healing.

Complete wound healing with satisfactory outcome were achieved after 9 months.



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