Pressure Injury

【Root Cause Identified! Pressure Injury Healed in 18 Days】

August 06,2020

A 85-year-old female, who was bed bound, had undergone Nephrectomy and hip surgery. Two pressure injuries of stage 2 developed over her sacral area. The wounds were covered by dry scab and did not heal in an orderly set of stages. She then was referred to Nu Pro Nurse Centre.

Factors hindering wound healing, such as scab over wound site and wound contamination caused by incontinence, were identified by Nu Pro wound nurses. Focuses were made to address these factors with professional skills and advanced treatment protocol.

With specialised wound care service, advanced dressings and equipment, the patient's wound had remarkable healing progress. Pressure relief is also a key factor in this case that sacral area and other areas at high risk of developing pressure injury are properly managed. In 18 days, the wound healed up satisfactorily.



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